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Golden Decision

About Us

Golden Decision is located in Guimarães on Ave. The Valley has a total area of 5000 m2 and a covered area of 3000 m2, is dedicated to the design and marketing of fabrics, being made for 2 valences, the preparation (warping and sizing) and weaving.

The weaving service has the ability to make fabrics in dyed yarns up to 8 colors and costumes, from 03/1 to 100/1, with various inserts and widths 150 cm to 360 cm ACT. In short-term we expect an increase in production.

Golden Decision


Our facilities are prepared to work wirings of high densities, always promoting the quality and speed in our services. This time with the participation of several employees and has a capacity to produce 200,000 meters/month.

Golden Decision


Golden Decision has entered a new phase focusing on new investments in weaving. Today the company aims to bet on differentiating factors in their products and services, highlighting the great experience, quality and responsiveness for maximum customer satisfaction, while proposing add a great value to the Portuguese industry and the end consumer.

Textile industry

Weaving and warp preparation services
capable of producing any product range